Wednesday Meeting Notes

Hi everyone,

Here are the highlights from the meeting:

– Technical difficulties

– Played a game

– Lots of things are still up in the air, but we will be doing a filmed performance

Audition Monologues      – I know that these are challenging, and doing a monologue is intimidating. I am not expecting perfection, just the best you can do.

form

– Tech: hoping to add design (you’ll notice in the form) and filming help

– Choose 1-2 monologues to familiarize yourself with, I’ll hold some meetings next week to help you with them. At auditions (date TBD) you’ll only do 1.

– Hopefully I’m not forgetting anything. I won’t have everyone’s emails until they fill out the form, so forward this to anyone else who is interested 🙂

I’m excited to get started! As always, email me with any questions.


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