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Wednesday Meeting Notes

Hi everyone,

Here are the highlights from the meeting:

– Technical difficulties

– Played a game

– Lots of things are still up in the air, but we will be doing a filmed performance

Audition Monologues      – I know that these are challenging, and doing a monologue is intimidating. I am not expecting perfection, just the best you can do.

form

– Tech: hoping to add design (you’ll notice in the form) and filming help

– Choose 1-2 monologues to familiarize yourself with, I’ll hold some meetings next week to help you with them. At auditions (date TBD) you’ll only do 1.

– Hopefully I’m not forgetting anything. I won’t have everyone’s emails until they fill out the form, so forward this to anyone else who is interested 🙂

I’m excited to get started! As always, email me with any questions.


2020 FABL Annual Meeting

The Fine Arts Boosters of Littleton (FABL) will hold its annual meeting on Monday, November 2nd, 2020 at 7:30pm.

Please see the announcement at the FABL web site.