Rehearsal Schedule

Bye Bye Birdie Rehearsal and Performance Schedule
(As of February 6th, 2017)

** All rehearsals will be 6:30-9:30pm at LHS except where noted. **

I will do my best to indicate who is called for what, but PLEASE double check your cast list
to double check. If you still don’t know if you need to attend, ask.


  • LOOK before you ask if you have to attend. I have to worry ~50 kids; you need to worry about 1.
  • “Teens” means “All teens.” “Adults” means “All adults.”
  • If a series of pages are noted, and your character is on those pages, you’re called.
  • Rehearsals start ON TIME, and we usually run ahead of schedule, so please consider arriving 10-15 minutes before you are called.

Tuesday, 2/7 (Music)
6:30pm – “One Last Kiss” (Conrad, Maude’s Quartette [& Teen Girls, if you want to practice screaming & fainting]);
7:30pm – “1-9-58 thru End Act I” (Everyone)
9:00pm – “One Boy” (Kim, Kriti, Hannah O, Erin O & Abby B)

Thursday, 2/9 (No Mr. B) (Staging & Choreo)
6:30pm – “1-6-35 thru 1-6-39” (Conrad, Mayor, Ursula, Mr, Johnson, Mrs. Merkle & Ensemble)
7:15pm – “1-7-40 thru 1-7-45” (Mr. Johnson, Another Voice [Liv], Third Voice [Riley], Fourth Voice [Mary], Man 1 Voice [James], Margie,
Deborah Sue, Ursula, Kim, Mr. MacAfee, Mrs. MacAfee, Randolph, Albert, Mrs. Merkle, Conrad)
8:00pm – “Telephone Hour” (All Teens but Hugo & Kim)

Sunday, 2/12 – STUMBLE THRU ACT I (Everyone)

Tuesday, 2/14 (Music)
6:30pm – “A Lot of Livin’ to Do” (Conrad, Kim – All Teens)
7:45pm – “Kids” & “Kids Reprise” (Mr. MacAfee, Mrs. MacAfee, Randolph & All Adults)
8:30pm – “What Did I Ever See in Him” (Rosie & Kim)

Thursday, 2/16 (Music & Staging)
6:30pm – (M) “Talk to Me” (Albert, Maude Quartette)
7:30pm – (S) “2-1-5 thru 2-2-10, no song” (Conrad, Albert, Rosie, Mae, Mr. & Mrs. MacAfee, Randolph, Kim)
8:30pm – (S) “2-1-2 thru 2-1-4” (Rosie & Kim)

Sunday, 2/26 (No Mr. B) (Staging)
6:30pm – “2-2-10 thru 2-3-17,” with songs (Conrad, Kim, Deborah Sue, Alice – All Teens, Mayor’s Wife, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Merkle, Mr. & Mrs. MacAfee, Hugo, Randolph)
8:00pm – “2-4-18 thru – 2-4-23,” with song (Hugo, Bartender, Rosie, Maude’s Quartette, Albert)

Tuesday, 2/28 (No Mr. B) (Staging)
6:30pm – “2-6-26 thru 2-6-32” (Hugo, Rosie, Albert, Mae, Mr. & Mrs. MacAfee, Randoph, Mrs. Merkle, Mr. Johnson, Another Parent [James] – All Parents]
7:45pm – “2-7-33 thru 2-7-37” (Kim, Conrad, Ursula, Albert, Mr. MacAfee, Hugo, Rosie, Mae, The Police, All Teens)

Thursday, 3/2 (No Mr. B) – (Staging)
“2-8-39 thru End of Show,” no songs (Albert, Conrad, Mae, Mr. & Mrs.MacAfee – Everyone)

Monday, 3/ 6 (Music)
6:30pm – “Rosie” (Albert & Rosie)
7:15pm – “Spanish Rose” (Rosie)

Tuesday, 3/7 (Staging)
6:30pm – “Rosie” (Albert & Rosie)
7:15pm – “Spanish Rose” (Rosie)

Thursday, 3/9 (No Mr. B)
6:30pm – Review Choreo #s (TBD)

Monday, 3/13 – STUMBLE THRU ACT II (Everyone)
Tuesday, 3/14 at LMS – FULL SING THROUGH (Everyone)
Thursday, 3/16 at LMS – Work Scenes as needed (TBD)
Monday, 3/20 – WORK ACT I
Tuesday, 3/21 – WORK ACT II
Thursday, 3/23 – RUN THRU
Friday, 3/24 – MISCAST Fundraiser! Come support your Club!
Sunday, 3/26 – SITZPROBE
Monday, 3/27 – RUN THRU
Tuesday, 3/28 – RUN THRU
Thursday, 3/30 – Run THRU

4/2 – SUPER SUNDAY – 1pm-9pm (1pm Tech Call; 3pm Run; 5:30pm dinner break; 7pm Full Run)
Monday, 4/3- TECH RUN 6pm-10pm
Tuesday, 4/4- TECH RUN 6pm-10pm
(Wednesday 4/5 – DARK)
Thursday, 4/6- AUTISM-FRIENDLY/SPECIAL NEEDS FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL (6pm-10:30pm); 7pm performance
Friday, 4/7- SHOW (7:30pm)
Saturday, 4/8- SHOW (7:30pm)
Sunday, 4/9- SHOW (3pm)